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California Officials Create Bill to Strengthen Data Breach Notification Law

With data breaches occurring more frequently throughout the United States, many have pushed for the government to have better data protection laws. California is taking a step in the right direction by proposing a bill that would enhance data breach … Continue Reading

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SecureDrives in the Healthcare Industry: Radiology and Home Imaging

When a patient needs an x-ray to determine internal issues inside of the body, those pictures must be stored in some capacity. According to a study by the IMV Medical Information Division, over 182 million procedures took place in the … Continue Reading

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The Top Uses for SecureDrives at Colleges and Universities

Top Uses of SecureDrives for Universities Universities continue to be a prime target for hackers due to the enormous amounts of personally identifiable information stored. While all schools are targets for hackers, it is the research universities which are the … Continue Reading

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U.S. Data Protection Movement Gains Support from GAO

GAO Backs Senators in the Push for Data Protection in the U.S. After the European Union (EU) created its General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), Senators and agencies alike have pressured the United States government to adopt their own internet privacy … Continue Reading