Cryptocurrency Scammer Makes Over One Million Dollars

Police Seize over $1 Million in Cryptocurrency from Hacker

The Metropolitan Police Service in the U.K. has seized $1.1 million over a two-year span from hacker Grant West. The British cybercriminal had targeted over 100 companies during his criminal span, with a fruitful cash out until his arrest. Cryptocurrency … Continue Reading

Binance Creates New Cryptocurrency Venus

Binance Creates new Form of Cryptocurrency called Venus

This month, Binance announced plans to launch a cryptocurrency independent of the mainstream coins called Venus. Binance is currently the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world. The company, which is based in Malta, is a platform that combines finance and … Continue Reading

Netflix Requires PIN for Profiles

Netflix Creates PIN Protection for Profiles

The days of sharing your Netflix account with friends and family may be long gone with the company’s new layer of protection. The media provider with television shows and movies is in the early stages of creating a password requirement … Continue Reading

FDNY Loses Hard Drive With Medical Records

New York Fire Department Loses Hard Drive with Patient Files

In the age of online connection, data loss dangers still reside within physical storage solutions. An employee for the New York Fire Department lost his personal external hard drive with thousands of medical records on patients that were treated by … Continue Reading

US Wants Back Doors for Encrypted Media

US Attorney General Calls for Encryption Back Doors

US Attorney general, William Barr, recently addressed the ever-controversial topic of encryption art the International Conference on Cyber Security at Fordham University. While encryption has grown in use since the creation of the internet and other electronic devices, governments worldwide … Continue Reading

Monzo Bank PIN Storage

Monzo Bank Stores User PINs in Accessible Internal Systems

Don’t let the size of challenger banks fool you, they are just as susceptible to mishandling information as the chain banks. The United Kingdom challenger bank, “Monzo” recently admitted to storing close to 500,000 user PINs incorrectly in their internal … Continue Reading