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Any business looking to grow their customer base and improve overall quality needs to look at their data to see what keeps customers returning to their company. Data breaches and leaked customer information can lead to loss of consumer trust, and businesses can risk losing everything.

Yet, as vital as this information is, only a quarter of organizations use proper encryption for data-at-rest. The struggle to legally and securely protect this information has only increased over the years with the introduction of GDPR Laws and other privacy initiatives.

Information Vital to Company Growth

Something as simple as a client’s address can change the structure of the business as a whole. By learning more about where their customers come from, they can create an advertising campaign that can relate to their clients on a local level. A way to prevent financial loss is to keep data on inventory as far as the amount ordered and the amount left before the next shipment.

Data points, in general, can help a business in a variety of ways including:

  • Finding new customers
  • Managing marketing efforts
  • Solving problems within the company
  • Improving efficiencies and processes

By seeing data points of the demographics of your customers, you can aim to broaden your reach and improve business. Marketing can be tracked to see whether social media posts that you paid to boost actually gained you more followers. Perhaps the most important piece of the puzzle for a successful business model is the people that work for the company. Keeping evaluations and statistics on selling ability and overall strengths and weaknesses will help you structure your team in a positive way.

Lack of Security: Lazy or Confused?

With the unlimited potential for stored data points, the average person would think that businesses would have the highest rated security systems to protect that information. Yet a study by the International Data Corporation and digital security company, Thales, found that only 27% of respondents have encryption for their email and the numbers only decreased for data at rest.

Having proper storage for company data is vital, otherwise, the entire corporation will have to start from scratch, much like VFEmail who was left without a backup solution. The study went on to give some of the reasons that businesses are not encrypting their information.

  • Complexity—the technology to encrypt information is too advanced for the employees to understand.
  • Cost—it is too expensive to have the highest quality protection, so companies look for bare-bones compliance.
  • Confusion—Due to the increase in the amount of data available, many companies have no idea what information is valuable and what could be trashed.

How to Secure Data Properly

In a nutshell, data must be stored so that control is limited to only the authorized person and the data must protect the personally identifiable information of the customers or clients involved in the business strategy. The European Union’s GDPR Laws are working to ensure customer information is kept secure while other groups like the Federal Trade Commission are allowed to take legal action against an entity that promises privacy and then fails to follow through.

While there is no nationwide policy in the United States regarding data protection, companies and consumers alike are slowly beginning to realize the importance of encryption. Encryption doesn’t have to be a structural nightmare for your business. The SecureDrives offer security and ease of use. Theses hardware encrypted devices offer:

  • Secure authentication methods through unique PIN entry or authentication through a mobile app
  • Up to 8 TB of capacity to store all digital files
  • 24/7 Drive support to answer any questions about implementing the devices in a business setting

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