Lost Passwords Can Cost You a Bitcoin Fortune

Imagine storing the password to your online-only bank account on an encrypted portable hard drive that required a password to access. Then imagine that you forgot the password to the hard drive. Okay, not a great situation to be in, … Continue Reading

Cryptocurrency Scammer Makes Over One Million Dollars

Police Seize over $1 Million in Cryptocurrency from Hacker

The Metropolitan Police Service in the U.K. has seized $1.1 million over a two-year span from hacker Grant West. The British cybercriminal had targeted over 100 companies during his criminal span, with a fruitful cash out until his arrest. Cryptocurrency … Continue Reading

Binance Creates New Cryptocurrency Venus

Binance Creates new Form of Cryptocurrency called Venus

This month, Binance announced plans to launch a cryptocurrency independent of the mainstream coins called Venus. Binance is currently the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world. The company, which is based in Malta, is a platform that combines finance and … Continue Reading

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Cryptocurrency Scams Rise in Recent Years

Cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin have catapulted into popularity over the past decade. Bitcoin Market Journal noted that more than 32 billion bitcoin wallets exist, and more than 7.1 million people actively use bitcoin. The rise in popularity stems from the … Continue Reading

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Secure Your Cryptocurrency Cold Wallets as If It Were a Bank Vault

With the invention of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, we can now be our own bank. The unfortunate part is that we may also be robbed like a bank, and it often occurs to those that practice poor security measures. Unlike … Continue Reading