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Cyber Security Tips For Keeping Your Information Safe

Keep Peace of Mind When Traveling Abroad Whether you are traveling with important documents or have sensitive documents at home, it’s vital to ensure that this data remains safe.One way to do that is by storing them on one of … Continue Reading


Companies Not Seeing the Benefits of Cloud Migration

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s the cloud, where digital files are stored in a massive data center. Though the hype over the internet-based computing power is strong, a recent Accenture study shows that only one-third … Continue Reading


The Future of Encryption and Its Effect on Industries

Encryption, a word primarily used by the financial and government sectors made its way into common, everyday conversations as cyber threats continue to rise. Now, almost everyone from a standard household to a large fortune 500 company can reap the … Continue Reading


Why Businesses Struggle to Protect Industry-Improving Data

Any business looking to grow their customer base and improve overall quality needs to look at their data to see what keeps customers returning to their company. Data breaches and leaked customer information can lead to loss of consumer trust, … Continue Reading


A Breakdown of Storing Data from Research Projects

The best way for a company to succeed in today’s world is to know what they are selling and to whom. To achieve this goal, they conduct a massive amount of research. This can include surveys, prototype testing, personally identifiable … Continue Reading


Consumers Have Limited Trust in Internet of Things Devices

Despite the popularity of the Internet of Things (IoT) devices, consumers still do not place their trust in the connected products on the market today. The biggest obstacle for manufacturers and developers to overcome is making IoT devices secure and … Continue Reading


Study Shows Companies Don’t Protect Sensitive Files

Despite the advances that the GDPR has made in protecting people’s personally identifiable information (PII), many companies have still left their data unprotected. A recent report by the Varonis Data Lab states that over half of companies across the globe … Continue Reading


How Encryption is Working to Protect Your Data

The idea of encryption can be a difficult concept to understand because much of the inner workings happen behind the scenes. This computing method provides security by transforming plain text on a digital device into random characters that cannot be … Continue Reading


Healthcare Industry is Primary Target for Data Breaches

There is no doubt that technology allows for many breakthroughs in the healthcare industry and creates a smoother experience for keeping track of patient data. But these digital advances also make it easier than ever for hackers to access patient’s … Continue Reading


Cyber Security Is A Major Threat to Financial Institutions

Technology has brought us online and mobile banking to make managing your funds and paying at registers a breeze, but they also act as a major threat to the security of banks everywhere. According to a report from the Identity … Continue Reading