Cloud Storage and Backup

With the evolution of technology and during this period of time where companies have an almost completely remote workforce, cloud storage has become critical to business operations. The general term “cloud” can be confusing for consumers as they may consider it to be one type of online data storage. In reality, there are different types of cloud services that can work better for corporate or individual use depending on the size of the company and amount of data needing to be stored. Cloud Storage and Cloud Backup are used interchangeably when in reality, they are two different functions.

What is Cloud Storage?

Cloud storage is essentially a way for people to store and sync their data to an online server such as DropBox, Google Drive, iCloud, and OneDrive. In this storage form, files are uploaded from a laptop or other device to the cloud so the data is in a centralized place. The files must be uploaded manually by the user and only files that were individually added will be in the Cloud. This is beneficial because photos, videos, and other documents can easily be shared with co-workers or friends.

Storing files in a server such as this means you will be able to access these files from any device with an internet connection. It is an extension of your host device’s storage and though certain cloud providers require monthly payment, storage capacity can easily be increased. Cloud storage supports files like text documents, audio files, photos, and videos.

There are a variety of features that come with this type of storage depending on the type of provider you choose:

  • File Management–search to find files easily and support for multiple file types
  • Collaboration–file sharing with ability to see other’s edits in real-time
  • Security–2 Factor Authentication or password protected files

What is Cloud Backup?

Having a reliable backup system is critical not just for your host devices but for your cloud service as well. A cloud backup differs from just storage because your data will be automatically uploaded to the cloud without manually choosing which files will be added. Additionally, backups should encrypt your information and require a password before accessing the data.

One of the most attractive qualities of a backup system is that when your device fails or your files are corrupted, the cloud will restore your files to their most up-to-date version right before damage or loss occurred. It is best utilized for corporations who have large amounts of data that must be secured and extra storage amounts can usually be added on an as-needed basis.

Choose the Right Storage and Be on Cloud 9

The first step in deciding which cloud storage is to determine the purpose of having that type of storage. An individual or smaller company may only need cloud storage to share documents with friends and family or to have additional storage for their business data. A large corporation on the other hand may perform regular backups of their massive amounts of information and need long-term backup to protect files in the event something goes wrong.

No matter which medium you choose, features such as security and reliability should not be overlooked. When using a cloud service provider, look into their privacy policy and how your data may be stored within their servers. Some may have access to your data while others claim they will only access it if required by law.

SecureData does not store any of your information on a server and puts data security first with hardware encrypted flash drives and backup solutions. Our USBtoCloud solution automatically backs up data from your flash drive to your cloud provider. It can be used with any USB device, including our hardware encrypted SecureUSB with unique authentication methods through PIN entry and wireless authentication via mobile app.

USBtoCloud allows you to choose which cloud service you are using and easily backup your files from the external drive without host installation. It comes with anti-virus protection and AES-256 bit file encryption in transit to the Cloud. Find out more about how our backup solutions are the most secure and easy-to-use products for your security needs by calling 1-800-875-3230.

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