cloud migration lacks quality performance

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s the cloud, where digital files are stored in a massive data center. Though the hype over the internet-based computing power is strong, a recent Accenture study shows that only one-third of businesses have had the cloud meet their data migration expectations.

The survey involved 200 IT professionals from enterprises worldwide. They gave their input on the complications and complex nature of the journey that is cloud migration. Essentially, data migration is the process of selecting, extracting, and transferring data from one storage system to another. While this has become common practice for schools, businesses, and individuals alike, many people are less than confident in the system’s abilities.

Where the Barriers Lie

The one-third of people who were truly satisfied with their cloud migration said that their expectations of cost, speed, business enablement, and service levels were all contributing factors to their overall contentment. The problem areas for the other two-thirds of businesses were:

  • Security and Compliance Risks
  • The complexity of the organizational change
  • Legacy infrastructure–meaning outdated systems
  • Overall lack of cloud skills

A senior managing director of Accenture Cloud said that there is a learning curve and to reap the total benefits of the cloud takes time. Additionally, it was reported that companies who use private cloud systems lag in implementation compared to those who use public systems.

The Details of Cloud Computing

A survey from ITBusinessEdge found that two in five people dread network challenges associated with public and private cloud deployments and would rather do unpleasant things like their taxes. Despite this statistic, the amount of cloud deployments is expected to rise in the coming years. The biggest concerns over the migration process itself are:

  • Data security
  • Availability and reliability of the cloud
  • And control over the applications

While there are a variety of uses for the system, 74% of people said their main use of the cloud would be for storage purposes. The typical time it takes for data to successfully be transferred to the new system can range depending on the size of the business, age of equipment, and the type of service used. While some companies promise migration in a few weeks, internal resources may sometimes take up to a few months before cloud storage is complete.

Solutions for Data Storage

The recommendation for IT teams working on migrating to the cloud is to search for service providers who can organize the service for them. While this is a viable option, users are still leery of the security protection this system provides. Since there is no specific accreditation or validation concerning the cloud, storage is a bit of an “at your own risk” venture.

The hardware encrypted SecureDrive is a secure storage solution for all digital files with capacities up to 8 TB. They can be plugged in directly from the box without any software and work with any system that has a USB port. With wireless authentication, they put the user in total control. To learn more about these hardware encrypted solutions, call 1-800-875-3230.

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