SecureDrive keeps your data safe

Keep Peace of Mind When Traveling Abroad

Whether you are traveling with important documents or have sensitive documents at home, it’s vital to ensure that this data remains safe.One way to do that is by storing them on one of the most secure hard drives in the world.

When you are away from home, your house is at risk for people to find your personal information, whether it be an intruder who is looking for specific documents or a nosey neighbor who is watching your pets. Of course, anyone who enters your home, even when you are there, can have access to documents you don’t want them to see.

Someone accessing your data or documents while you are away is just one problem, but there are ways to keep your home and information protected while you are away.

1. Smart Plugs

Smart plugs are an affordable solution to tricking any burglars into thinking you are home. These plugs come in a variety of sizes and start at different price points. Simply use your phone to trigger the different lights or devices in your home, from any location. This makes your home look occupied and would hopefully help to deter any criminals from entering it.

2. Not Sharing Travel Plans

Do not share your travel plans with anyone other than your close friends and family. Sharing your travel plans online opens yourself up to the possibility that criminals will know your location. Around 80% of criminals check social media and Google Maps to find out when someone is on vacation. They use this information to break into the victim’s house.

3. Password Protect Your WiFi and Internet Routers

This tip is especially important if you have neighbors or live in an apartment building. Regardless of if you are on vacation or not, locking down the wireless connection to your household is important to prevent IoT takeovers. For example, if someone gains access to your wifi, they can control your devices on the inside. This includes smart locks, speakers, and other electronic devices.

4. Use of Smart Light Bulbs

If smart plugs aren’t your thing, then using smart bulbs might do the trick to thwart any possible burglars from breaking and entering into your home. Smart lights can be set to different routines. For example, set your smart lights to adjust to your daily work schedule and make it appears as if you never left home.

5. Storing Your Documents on a SecureDrive or SecureUSB

Ensure your most sensitive documents are hidden, but also backed up. To make sure no one can find your sensitive data, store them on your SecureDrive or SecureUSB devices. These devices provide high levels of military grade encryption to ensure that no one can access the data on the drive. With secure authentication methods and inactivity auto-lock, your information will remain safe, even if you leave your hard drive in a hotel room or a burglar takes your drive from your house.

SecureDrive and USB Can Help Secure Everything

SecureDrive provides many advanced security options. The SecureDrive BT and KP are both FIPS 140-2 Validated. What makes the BT unique is its wireless authentication and two-factor authentication for accessing the information on the device. Additionally, the information on both drives is never wirelessly transferred. All of these unique features are only available on a SecureDrive. Call 1-800-875-3230 to learn more.

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