Biometric Indicators Rise In Healthcare Filed

Use of Biometrics is Rising in the Healthcare Field

Using faces or fingerprints to unlock a personal device or clock in to work in the morning has become part of our everyday routine. The evolution of technology also results in the need for more digital privacy, especially when dealing … Continue Reading

Comodo Publicly Exposes Passwords

Internal Comodo Files Exposed Due to Unsecured Password

Despite the constant warnings about securing passwords, businesses still fail to implement proper network security. Comodo, a cybersecurity platform that offers SSL certificates and other services, exposed many of their internal documents when their password was exposed on the internet. … Continue Reading

IRS Audit Finds Security Vulnerabilities

IRS Audit Reveals Security Vulnerabilities

A regular audit by the GAO (Government Accountability Office) recently found over 14 data security vulnerabilities in the IRS’ IT infrastructure and financial reporting systems. This is in addition to the 87 security and control deficiencies and over 150 recommendations … Continue Reading

Australia encryption law data privacy

Australian Anti-Encryption Laws Affect Data Privacy Globally

Australia’s new anti-encryption laws have been in place for less than a year, but have already begun to negatively affect the data privacy of technology companies worldwide. The bill, known as the Telecommunications Assistance and Access Bill, essentially gives law … Continue Reading

protect cryptocurrency with SecureDrive

Cryptocurrency Scams Rise in Recent Years

Cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin have catapulted into popularity over the past decade. Bitcoin Market Journal noted that more than 32 billion bitcoin wallets exist, and more than 7.1 million people actively use bitcoin. The rise in popularity stems from the … Continue Reading

British Airways GDPR fine for data breach

British Airways Data Breach Costs Company Over $200 million

Authorities are taking cyber security seriously by issuing the largest fine for a data breach since the inception of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). British Airways suffered a breach a year ago and has now been hit with a … Continue Reading

physical storage advantage over cloud storage

Advantages of Physical Storage Media vs. Online Data Storage

Online data storage continues to be a popular medium for keeping digital files, photos, and more safe and secure. While online storage offers convenience, it lacks in other areas where physical storage shines. Online Storage Benefits and Drawbacks The largest … Continue Reading

software encryption market

Market for Software Encryption to Rise Through 2024

A recent release from PR Newswire states that the Global Encryption Software Market will grow from 7.5 billion dollars in 2019 to 16.5 billion by the year 2024. The market includes a variety of components that all lead to the … Continue Reading

Companies fail at online privacy

Why You Don’t Control Your Company’s Online Privacy Anymore

Why Your Company’s Information Is No Longer Private IT professionals believe 79% of employees accidentally put sensitive company data at risk between March 2018 to March 2019. The study by Egress on data breaches also states that there is a … Continue Reading

House lifts ban on unique patient identifiers

US House of Reps Votes to Lift Ban on Patient Identifiers

The House of Representatives recently voted to lift a 20-year ban on the development of unique patient identifiers. Healthcare providers and IT groups have been urging the House to overturn the ban in order to offer better patient care, but … Continue Reading