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CES 2018 – Announcing SecureDrive: The most secure cold storage solution on the market

January 9th, 2018

Las Vegas, NV – SECUREDATA, Inc is launching the new standard in cold storage data devices, a smart solution for storing information at Consumer Electronics Show 2018.


SECUREDATA was established in California in 2007 and first started out as a worldwide leader in professional data recovery services. Over the years they have pioneered many common techniques used throughout the industry today, and further expanded into e-discovery and forensics services. From their data services experience SECUREDATA became a world leader in hardware storage devices and data services, while realizing that modern day data storage was not secure enough to store any sensitive information. Due to this realization SECUREDATA had decided to create a new cold storage solution unlike anything on the market today.


SECUREDATA will be introducing and exhibiting our new SecureDrive Products Line: Secure Drive KP, Secure Drive BT, SecureUSB KP and SecureUSB BT. All models are made in the USA, have a 3.0 USB interface, a compact FIPS compliant design, military grade full disk 256-Bit AES Hardware Encryption, Brute Force Destruct Feature and Data at Rest Protection; making them the most secure external data storage products available on the market. The BT products line also has optional Remote Management and Geofencing options as well.


“After over a decade of experience in the highly complex field of data recovery and digital forensics our research and development team have come across many vulnerabilities in modern data storage. With this knowledge we realized that hard drives and storage media has not yet caught up to the need for data security, and this is where we believe that our products can fill that gap in the market today. SECUREDATA is thrilled to make data security easy and accessible to everyone with our Secure Drive products. By utilizing our products for storing sensitive information you can rest assured that your data is safe and secure.”


More information regarding the SECUREDATA products line can be found at




SECUREDATA is world leader in hardware encrypted storage and data services. Providing data security to individuals and corporations since 2007 we pride ourselves on the service and products that we provide to our clients.


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