Remote Management for Hardware Encrypted Devices
Remote Management for Hardware Encrypted Devices Remote Management Console Remote Management Console Remote Management Console

Remote Management (RM) License

1 x Drive, 1 x User and 1 x Admin

$24.95 Per Drive / Per Year

SecureDrive BT – Hardware Encrypted External Portable Drive | Learn More
SecureUSB BT – Hardware Encrypted USB Flash Drive | Learn More

Secure Drive Management via Web Console

  • Remotely enforce security policies:
    • Where/When drives allowed to be used
    • Wipe Drives or Disable access
    • Remotely unlock/Force password reset
    • Track and Manage unlimited number of drives

For Additional Licences:

Call: 800-875-3230 ext. 204
Email: [email protected]




Completely Software Free

Unlike any other remote managed for drives, the DataLock® Remote Management can be added to any BT drive at any time after purchase. The Remote Management console allows the admin to take full control of where/when the drive can be unlocked as well as remotely wiping the data and disabling access even if the user has a drive pin. NO MORE DATA LEAKS due to misplaced portable drives. Contact us for a demo.

Dual Factor Authenticated Drives

Unique dual factor authentication method via User Account and Drive PIN/Password combination. Each user must have their own User name and password in order to access the DataLock® web account. Once authenticated the User must then also posses the pin to the device in order for it to unlock.

Geo-Fencing Secure Drives

The Admin for the account can limit access for the user by any of the following:
(Continent, Country, Address, City, State or Zip Code). Once the geo-location is set the fencing is complete by selecting the radius in KM/MI, this will mark the maximum distance the user can be in order to access the drive.

Time-Fencing Secure Drives

The Admin for the account can limit access for the user by setting time limitations start/end times in any timezone.

User logging

Each login is monitored and saved to show if the attempt was a success and the exact coordinates of the user.

No User Data Access

Since the DataLock® Remote Management Console uses the the Bluetooth channel to communicate with the mobile App there is no access to the USB controller and thus no access to any User data on the drive.

Product Documentation

Below is the complete documentation of Remote Management for BT Drives.



Product Videos


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I add Remote Management to a BT drive later?

Yes, the BT drive can be added to the DataLock® Remote Management console at any time. If your using the standard DataLock® app to unlock your device you will need to re-provision the drive via Admin app.

I am a personal user, is this product for organizations only?

There are no minimum user or device requirements. The subscription can be purchased starting at 1 drive or user.

How fast can I delete the data remotely?

Once the Admin enters the Data sanitize command the next time the device is attempted to authenticate the cryto-erase command will regenerate the encryption key within seconds.

How many users or drives can it support?

The DataLock® Remote Management can support an unlimited number of drives, users and admins.

Does anyone view the data on the drive?

No, since the communication is handled via Bluetooth the USB traffic is not monitored or saved.

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