SecureBackup for Windows
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SecureBackup® for Windows Desktop

Automatically backup desktop files to the cloud

Local & Online Backup – 100% Automated – Easy Restore

  • Includes “SecureCloud” safe, proprietary cloud storage
  • Supports multiple cloud platforms (Dropbox, Google Drive, Amazon, Box, and OneDrive)
  • No limit to file numbers, sizes, or types
  • Easy and instant individual file recover
  • Performs a 100% automatic backup for Windows PC


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Data loss can affect any computer user, and some types of media failures can occur within seconds. SecureBackup software provides basic and advanced features to ensure the safety of your system and data.

Advanced features include:

  • Smart Backup Wizard
  • Smart Restore Wizard
  • Multiple destinations
  • 100% automated backup
  • Security and protection options
  • Ability to access files from anywhere

This software takes just minutes to install and configure. Once set up it works in the background, backing up all your files so that you never have to worry about doing it on your own. The software will start restoring your files instantly. Even if your computer’s hard drive fails or your laptop is lost or stolen, you can restore your files to any computer in just a few clicks.


How Does it Work?

SecureBackup for Windows automatically backs up all of your important files and photos, keeping them safe from accidental deletions, hardware failures, and malicious attacks. If you need access to your files while you’re away from your computer, just log in to your account from any web-connected device and all your files will be at your fingertips.

From quick installation to an easy restore, SecureBackup was created to simplify an everyday backup process.

General overview of how to use SecureBackup

  1. Sign up and download the SecureBackup software
  2. Install and activate the software
  3. Set up backup job
  4. Set settings for optimal backup
  5. Run reports and monitor backups
  6. Restore the lost data

Anytime, Anywhere Access

Forgot a presentation at home? Want to share photos with family and friends? With SecureBackup for Windows, you can access your backed up files from any computer, smartphone, or tablet.

Simple, secure, and powerful—SecureBackup for Windows takes minutes to set up and runs continuously in the background to make sure your memories and important files are protected.

Learn more about SecureBackup with a
Risk-Free 30-Day Complimentary Trial Download


CompatibilityMicrosoft Windows
Clouds SupportedDropbox, Google Drive, Box, OneDrive and Amazon
Backup FeaturesEasy backup setup; Backup types; Multiple destinations; Flexible scheduler; Plugins; Backup Management Wizard; Windows system restore
Restore FeaturesEasy restore setup; File versions restore; Selective files restore
Security FeaturesSoftware level security; Backup protection
Advanced SettingsAccess files from anywhere; Data sharing; History & Reports; Multiple device management

Frequently Asked Questions

I can’t install SecureBackup on my computer. What do I do?

Check your antivirus and firewall settings. They can unintentionally block applications from installing and you may need to create an exception for SecureBackup. Add the entire folder: C:\Program Files (x86)\SecureBackup

What is the difference between listed backup types?

SecureBackup supports three common backup types: Full, Incremental, and Differential.

  • Full Backup – A complete copy of all selected data
  • Incremental Backup – Data that contains only those files that have been altered since the last full backup
  • Differential Backup – Cumulative backup of all changes made since the last full backup

What happens to my data after my license expires?

After your account expires, any data that was not manually deleted will remain in its destination (cloud account).

How much data can I back up in the destination?

It depends on your cloud account (destination), specifically on the available space within the destination to which you are trying to back up data. To simplify the process and for your convenience, current usage space will be displayed when the destination is selected.

My backup has not run in the past few days. It always used to start when I turned on my computer. What happened?

Check the power settings on your computer. Windows users can search for “Power Options” by clicking on the Start menu. Make sure that your computer is not going into Standby, Sleep, Hibernate, or any other mode when your computer’s CPU is at rest (it is not an issue when your screen monitor is off).

If I delete a file locally, will SecureBackup remove it from the destination also?

All files that have been backed up remain in the chosen destination, even those that are deleted locally.

How do I add a second computer to my account?

It is not possible to add a second computer to your account if you have a Personal license (for one PC). To add a second computer to your account, you will need to upgrade your account to a Home license (supports up to 5 computers) or to a Business license (supports up to 10 computers). After your account has been upgraded, you will need to install SecureBackup on another computer. You can log in with your existing username and password. You will need to enter your license number and set up your backups on each individual computer.

How can I remove the entire backup from the destination?

There are three ways to remove the entire backup from the destination:

  1. The “Remove” button in the application under “Manage Backups” wizard
  2. The “Remove” button in the SecureBackup web portal under the desired destination tab
  3. Manually by direct access to your destination

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