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Management Consultants Use Case - The most secure way to store data for management and risk consultants

Safely Storing Data for Management & Risk Consultants On-the-Go

The SecureUSB is a hardware encrypted storage device that is as unique as the clients a management consultant serves. Consultants work to provide statistics and information to companies about their finances, company strategy, and employee morale. The SecureUSB works to protect sensitive information in ways that benefit a traveling consultant:

  • Up to 128 GB of capacity to easily store sensitive company data, information on competitors, and testimonies from employees.
  • Unique authentication so outside parties cannot access company-defining information for their own gain
  • Sleek and portable design for consultants who travel to meet with a variety of clients on a daily basis.


SecureUSB is a perfect solution for data storage for risk and management consultants

Why Management and Risk Consultants Need to Keep their Data Secure

Management consultants are responsible for the future of a company including their overall strategic plan, financial expertise, and competitive analysis.

A SecureUSB eliminates data leaks to prevent a consultant from leaking a public company’s information. Using inside information for purposes outside of the reason a company hired a consultant can lead to legal charges against the consultant. The SecureUSB BT can be set to read-only mode. When a company offers a consultant their internal data, they can be sure there is no way for the consultant to misuse information.

Consultants are constantly traveling to clients on a local and international level. The SecureUSB BT can be remotely wiped from anywhere in the world in the event it is lost or stolen. Information on employees including their names, positions, and views of the company will be inaccessible to hackers when the device is wiped.

With copious amounts of data collected on a business and their competitors, the SecureUSB will easily store all of the data sets and more with a maximum 128 GB capacity. The storage solution has large capacities in a sleek and portable device.


Advantages of Using a SecureUSB for Risk and Management Consulting Work

Award-winning – The SecureUSBs have been recognized as a CES Innovation Award Honoree for 2019 and won the Red Dot Award for design.

Security – The Secure USB is FIPS compliant and has brute force anti-hacking technology to ensure total protection for management consulting data.

Convenience – The device has a portable design and is OS independent which means it can work on any device with a USB port.

The SecureUSB KP is unlocked by entering a unique PIN on the wear-resistant keypad. It is dust and water resistant to withstand any travel conditions. With parts that are impossible to separate and reverse engineer, the device is effectively leak-proof.

The SecureUSB BT can be unlocked using an app on a mobile device and offers convenient unlocking through FaceID or TouchID. The BT model has remote management capabilities so an admin can set geo- and time-fencing to restrict access to the device to predetermined times and places. If the device is lost or stolen, a management consultant can remotely wipe the device from anywhere in the world.

Consultants can effectively protect sensitive information on a SecureUSB to gauge a business’ operations and help them plan for a successful future.

Data Security for Manufacturing Sector

The SecureUSB is a perfect solution for management and risk consultants working in any industry including:

  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Chemical
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Engineering
  • Agriculture
  • Petroleum
  • Automation
  • Mining
  • Many More


SECUREDATA Hardware Encrypted Flash Drives

Browse our hardware encrypted solutions that enable Management Consulting professionals to secure confidential and critical data by adding fully encrypted storage.


Benefits of using SECUREDATA Encrypted Storage Solution


Perfect Backup and Restore Solution

The SECUREDATA products are inspired and developed by the industry leader in data recovery and restore solutions with the goal of protecting customer data with the highest levels of security and ensuring proper backups in the event of data loss. Preloaded with DriveSecurity® Antivirus powered by ESET and USBtoCloud® File Backup to Top Cloud / NAS with Data S/W AES256-Encryption in transit and at rest in the cloud (optional).


Plug and Play, No setup Military Grade Encryption

Just works. Right out of the box, nothing to install or update. Completely OS independent, the entire product line will work with Microsoft Windows, MacOS, iOS, Linux, Chrome, Thin Clients, Zero Clients, Android and Embedded System of any version. The only requirement is a USB port which serves as the data transfer and power source.


The most secure portable drive

Full disk hardware encryption is just a start of keeping your data completely safe should it ever get into the wrong hands. The data encryption process consists of 14 different rounds of encryption to make your original data unrecognizable to an unauthorized user.


In addition to the AES256 XTS mode encryption every vital piece of electronics is covered with a tough epoxy coating cementing the critical components in an indistinguishable solid capsule.


While this epoxy is effectively impossible to remove without destroying the independent components, it does not however affect the functionality of each component nor reduce the overall performance, it simply makes the electronics impossible to separate and reverse engineer.


Immediate and cost effective compliance

By adding the SECUREDRIVE products to your daily operations by simply replacing non secure USB and external drives your organization instantly complies with HIPPA, GDPR and all other data handling regulations mandated in North America and Europe. In addition to immediate compliance, your organization also eliminates the risk of facing stiff fines, penalties and PR nightmares due to data leaks associated with misplaced data storage device.


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