Tips for Working Remotely with Proper Tools

As more parts of the United States are placing greater restrictions on outside activity due to COVID-19, and with many businesses and schools closing, it’s easy to feel stressed about work and earning money. Already, a large number of workers in both the IT and Marketing fields have found means to work remotely, with IT ranging around 29 percent and Marketing ranging around 25 percent. That’s a lot of people working from home.

Thanks to current events, more people than ever are trying to work remotely. While some companies may have introduced this policy in the past, many are working remotely for the first time. But whether you’re a veteran or a newcomer, there are some things you should keep in mind while venturing into these unprecedented times as a remote worker.

Your Environment: Peace Without Means Peace Within

First thing is first. Working remotely means setting up a space for yourself. It’s easy to think of the romanticized idea of working in bed and in your pajamas every day, but work productivity does increase when you create a nice space that’s dedicated for work. Otherwise, you can create distractions for yourself. You should find an area where you can work undistracted, preferably a room that keeps you away from the usual comforts of home. It is also important that you set rules for yourself and others in regard to your new remote-work space.

Next, you will want to make sure your “remote office” has some essential things, such as a desk, a comfortable chair, and the technology that’s needed to accomplish your tasks.

Your Equipment: Choosing Tools That Work for You

Some jobs require specific technologies, ranging from just a home computer to needing a webcam, a headset, and multiple monitors. Be sure to ask your employer about what technologies you will need, and if they can provide you with anything before you go out hunting for equipment.

You will also want to make sure that your desk and chair are both designed to provide as much ergonomic comfort as possible. Working in a sedentary job can be great, but only so long as you can stay comfortable. Even with a comfortable seat and desk, it is recommended that you stand up and stretch every thirty minutes. It can be just for a minute, but a regular stretch can help cut the risk of health issues that can arise from sitting in one place for too long, too often. Even better for your health: take breaks, take a walk if you need, but never neglect yourself while working remotely.

Finally, you will want to have some equipment that’s just for your own sake as a remote worker. Make sure that your mobile device is in good condition. While computers are important, your mobile device will likely play a huge part in communication and extra productivity options.

Then there’s data storage and backup solutions. There’s nothing quite as stressful as seeing all your hard work disappear because of a glitch and you realize you don’t have a backup. There are several solutions that can help mitigate the damage when sudden data loss occurs:

  • Secure External Hard Drives
  • Secure Flash Drives
  • Cloud Storage

Ensure Success, Back Up Your Hard Work with SecureDrive

Data loss can mean losing hours of work, and even losing your job if a strict deadline is involved. There may be options out there when it comes to storing and backing up your data, but there is none as reliable and safe as the SecureDrive. With award-winning security such as military-grade hardware encryption and apps to remotely manage your data storage device, you can backup your data and rest easy knowing that only you have access. Call us at 1-800-875-3230 to learn more about how the data storage devices can make working from home an easy and secure process.