protect cryptocurrency with SecureDrive

Cryptocurrency Scams Rise in Recent Years

Cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin have catapulted into popularity over the past decade. Bitcoin Market Journal noted that more than 32 billion bitcoin wallets exist, and more than 7.1 million people actively use bitcoin. The rise in popularity stems from the … Continue Reading

British Airways GDPR fine for data breach

British Airways Data Breach Costs Company Over $200 million

Authorities are taking cyber security seriously by issuing the largest fine for a data breach since the inception of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). British Airways suffered a breach a year ago and has now been hit with a … Continue Reading

physical storage advantage over cloud storage

Advantages of Physical Storage Media vs. Online Data Storage

Online data storage continues to be a popular medium for keeping digital files, photos, and more safe and secure. While online storage offers convenience, it lacks in other areas where physical storage shines. Online Storage Benefits and Drawbacks The largest … Continue Reading

software encryption market

Market for Software Encryption to Rise Through 2024

A recent release from PR Newswire states that the Global Encryption Software Market will grow from 7.5 billion dollars in 2019 to 16.5 billion by the year 2024. The market includes a variety of components that all lead to the … Continue Reading

House lifts ban on unique patient identifiers

US House of Reps Votes to Lift Ban on Patient Identifiers

The House of Representatives recently voted to lift a 20-year ban on the development of unique patient identifiers. Healthcare providers and IT groups have been urging the House to overturn the ban in order to offer better patient care, but … Continue Reading

cloud migration lacks quality performance

Companies Not Seeing the Benefits of Cloud Migration

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s the cloud, where digital files are stored in a massive data center. Though the hype over the internet-based computing power is strong, a recent Accenture study shows that only one-third … Continue Reading

google cloud outage network error

Google Cloud Outage Affects Millions of Users

The popular cloud computing network experienced an outage on June 2 that affected several Google-powered systems. While the issue was resolved, engineers said it took longer than expected to resolve the problem. The outage serves as a red flag to … Continue Reading

securedrive encryption future

The Future of Encryption and Its Effect on Industries

Encryption, a word primarily used by the financial and government sectors made its way into common, everyday conversations as cyber threats continue to rise. Now, almost everyone from a standard household to a large fortune 500 company can reap the … Continue Reading

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Why Businesses Struggle to Protect Industry-Improving Data

Any business looking to grow their customer base and improve overall quality needs to look at their data to see what keeps customers returning to their company. Data breaches and leaked customer information can lead to loss of consumer trust, … Continue Reading

secure drive research storage

A Breakdown of Storing Data from Research Projects

The best way for a company to succeed in today’s world is to know what they are selling and to whom. To achieve this goal, they conduct a massive amount of research. This can include surveys, prototype testing, personally identifiable … Continue Reading