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SecureGuard USB License

Data Loss Prevention solution managed through SecureData Remote Management Console

$18.95 Per Computer / Per Year


Windows 7, 8 & 10


SecureGuard will help your organization:

  • Always on Protection
  • Controlled by Admin via the Remote Management Web Console
  • Limited access to only whitelisted USB devices
  • Set Read Only Mode
  • Enhanced Policy Enforcement


For Additional Licenses:

Call: 800-875-3230

Email: [email protected]




SecureGuard USB is a Data Loss Prevention Solution (DLP) that is managed through the SecureData Remote Management (RM) Console/Services*. This DLP solution can be deployed within minutes, allowing organizations the ability to quickly block any unauthorized devices (e.g.USBs, computer mouse, external hard drive, etc.) from being connected via a USB port. When an unauthorized device is connected, no further action can be taken on the computer until the device is removed from the port.

SecureGuard USB prevents data breach attempts or malicious viruses that may enter a host device through the USB port to protect sensitive data in transit and at rest. SecureGuard USB is managed through the SecureDrive RM Console to control access to computers within an organization via USB ports, set white- and black-listing of the devices, set read-only mode, and provide an audit log and activity.

*annual subscription required

User Login and Easy Management

An Admin/IT Manager for the account must authenticate before installing the SecureGuard USB software using the same credentials for their RM account. After the authorized admin adds SecureGuard USB to a computer, that host device will automatically be added to the web console for convenient management. SecureGuard USB is easy-to-use and can be managed using the SecureData RM Console, which includes an access log and other management features clearly outlined in the active directory.


Key Features:

    • Create and manage white and blacklisting of USBs and other devices to be used with the host computers 
      • Only USB drives approved by the admin will work on the company computers and host devices. Users can blacklist devices by entering the serial number or brand of device under the “Blocked Devices” tab.
    • Provide User (Drives) Activity Log 
      • Admin can use access log on the management console to view when USB devices were blocked or accepted on any host device that has SecureGuard USB installed. NOTE: no stored data visibility is provided
    • Included in Remote Management Service and Console
      • Admins can manage SecureGuard USB using their existing RM console with a user-friendly interface.

How to install (or deploy):

  • Step 1 : Activate License
  • Step 2 : Install the agent on every computer that should be under management
  • Step 3 : Device authorization

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