• Solutions

    Different types of industries operate under very different data storage standards, see how you can utilize our encrypted hardware storage solution in each one of the industries below.


The right security for Military and Government. See how implementing the SECUREDATA drives can prevent data leaks.


Patient health Information (PHI) data must be protected by Healthcare providers. Implementing our solution can prevent data leaks.

Legal & Compliance

Data leaks in the legal & compliance industry can happen in a variety of preventable ways by simply utilizing the SECUREDATA drives.

Digital Media

Located in the heart of Los Angeles, we solve a problem with data protection for the Digital Media Industry utilizing encrypted storage solution.

Data Recovery

Data matters, especially for a anyone that has experienced a data loss situation. SecureDrive is the a solution for returning recovered data.


Implementing the SECUREDATA drives is a Forensics Industry solution for Chain of Custody on Digital Evidence.

Educational Institutions

Protect your educational institution from identity theft and data leaks with one of our Hardware Encrypted Hard Drive Solution.

Programmers & Freelancers

You’re a computer programmer, developer, or designer. Browse our hardware encrypted solutions that enable secure confidential data.

Compliance Auditors

Compliance auditors are a vital part of any organization. Browse our hardware encrypted solutions that enable secure confidential data.

Management Consulting

Manufacturers have plans, intellectual property that they store on hard drives or on site. Protect your data with SECUREDATA solution.


Whether they are performing audits or taxes, accountants have access to sensitive information. Protect your data with SECUREDATA solution.

Data Centers

Data security is important to all of our clients, especially data centers. Secure confidential data with the SECUREDATA drives solution.


The safest way to have access to your BitLocker encrypted information is by utilizing a USB flash drive as a backup key.

RAW Video Shuttling

The raw unedited footage captured at the end of a filming day is called “dailies.” Directors, producers, and other members of the film crew gather together each day to review the footage from the previous day.