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The best defense is a good offense, especially when it comes to securing your organizations data.

3 steps to securing sensitive data

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IT Admin Tool Kit for the New Normal

Work from Home is here to stay but here’s a creative way to use BitLocker differently let you Remotely Manage Work From Home and Contingent workers. It can keep them enforce policy, comply with policy and productive and put you back in control over these assests with a new set of tools.

Complete solution based on Bitlocker

By storing the Bitlocker key differently, our solution give you the ability to: Reset Passwords, Geo-Fence Access, Deactivate Users, Even Remotely Lock or even Wipe a PC in the field.

IT Admins and Employees Love Us

Good Security Policy involves frequenly changing strong passwords which are hard to remember, but our solution uses a secure channel from your Smart Phone to unlock the drive. This creates an additional factor of authenication and frees the employee from having to remember complicated passwords.

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Effortless to Deploy

It’s OS independant and requires no installation. can use the lastest biometric fingerprint and facial recognition features of modern phones. It’s a Win-Win of better security and easy of use. Rest assured the entire solution is FIPS 140-2 Lv3 Validated.

Lock down your USB ports

With SecureData’s Remote Management Suite, you can allow or disallow access to every USB device. You decided which users, can use which drives on which computers. You can grant or revoke read write privileges.

Secure USB Flash Drive

The one exception your new Zero-Tollerance USB should be our SecureData USB drive; it is FIPS 140-2 Lv3 validated and used to house the BitLocker Key. If you lock down your systems so that only SecureData Drives may be used, you can offer the flexiblity of USB storage and still comply with GDPR and HIPAA requirements by assuring zero data leakage. Example: You can share your drive with eveyone on your team and make it Read-only and unreadable if the drive were to leave the office. Lost indefinitely, you can remotely wipe the drive. You have that kind of flexibilty.

The Bitlocker solution uses

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Dept. of Homeland Security

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Get the essential Admin tools to remotely manage the enterprise from SecureDrive paired with Micorosoft Bitlockers USB Key Mode authentication.

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