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The best policy is being proactive, especially when it comes to securing your organizations data.

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IT Admin Tool Kit – For the New Normal

Here’s a creative way to use BitLocker to manage your Full Time, Part Time, Work from Home and Contingent workers. By using our Managed HW encrypted Mass Storage devices to hold the BitLocker Key, you can enforce policy and take back control of your company issued assets.

Complete solution based on Bitlocker

Storing the Bitlocker Key on a Managed encrypted USB drive to unlock the laptop, allows you to geo-fence laptop access to a specific location, deactivate users, or remotely lock a laptop. Best of all, once the access to the USB drive is blocked, data on the laptop is secure, and cannot be accessed or deleted by the user.

IT Admins and Employees Love Us

Passwords are hard to remember, but our solution creates an additional factor of authentication and frees the employee from having to remember complicated passwords. By using a smartphone to authenticate the drive, employees will easily adapt to your security policy giving you peace of mind knowing you are protected. USB drives are shareable, so IT managers can set up access to the USB drive and add users as needed, allowing multiple employees to unlock the laptop, all from the same USB drive.

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Effortless to Deploy

All devices are OS independent and require no software to install on the host system. Employees can use the latest biometric fingerprint or facial recognition features of their smartphone to authenticate access. Easy to use means compliance by employees.

Lock down your USB ports

With SecureGuard, part of the SecureData Remote Management Console suite, you can block access to all mass storage devices or set privileges to allow devices by PID, VID or serial number. You can set global policy and set individual policy by user. You can even block HID devices, like cameras and keyboards, all from the same console used to manage USB devices.

Secure USB Flash Drive and BitLocker – The Perfect fit for your USB Security Policy

Using the power of an ordinary smartphone, employees will embrace your security protocols allowing you to control assets containing your confidential information. Housing the Bitlocker key on a Managed HW Encrypted USB Drive, you will prevent security threats and control assets, all from a desk top browser. By using an encrypted drive that is FIPS140-2 level 3 validated, all data contained on the drive meets CMMC, GDPR, HIPAA, PII and PHI compliance requirements, keeping content protected if lost or stolen. Take control with SecureData. Contact [email protected] to set up your free demo and consultation.

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Get the essential Admin tools to remotely manage the enterprise from SecureDrive paired with Micorosoft Bitlockers USB Key Mode authentication.

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