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Encrypted Drives Without Compromise

Built with Cyber Security in mind, you can choose traditional keypad drives or our unique BT and Duo series drives that use an app on your smartphone to authenticate. Take advantage of Remote Management to audit and control user permissions on SecureDrive and SecureUSB BT and Duo Encrypted drives.

No more data leaks. Take back full control. Ultimate Protection for your critical Data.

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FIPS 140-2 Level 3 Validated Encrypted Drives

Secure by Design

Every SecureDrive is built with the highest standard of security in mind. Our design is proven to protect your data when in transit or at rest. We put in place security features such as brute force anti-hacking that locks and wipes the encryption key after 10 failed PIN attempts, wear resistant keypads prevent patterns from appearing over time , and critical components are epoxy coated to prevent tampering by destroying the cryptographic chip. Meets NIST SP-800-88 standard for Data Erasure if you decide to reset or wipe the drive, deleting the HW Key and cyber-shredding the Data. It’s the security mindset that covers many different aspects of our encrypted USB drive design. One you can depend on to keep protecting your data now, and in the future.

Full Disk Encryption

Full Disk XTS-AES 256-bit Hardware Encryption

Not all customers are cybersecurity experts. That’s our job. Certifications we’ve achieved indemnifies your choice of our products. It ensures that your data is in full compliance with regulations and is stored on a fully tested and certified cryptographic design. It’s peace of mind. Data Security. Compliance. Not only are the drives secured with PIN protection to unlock them, the drives are also hardware-encrypted and verified by NIST, built to the highest level of security, FIPS140-2 level 3. Every bit of data that is written to our drives is automatically encrypted in real time using XTS-AES 256-bit military-grade encryption. There is no higher standard available on any other device. Only the best.

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Supported Platforms
Supported Platforms

Remotely and Centrally Managed with a Browser

Easily manage and control USB devices with a browser with no software to install, allowing you the ability to manage USB drives from anywhere, at any time. Take full control with Multi-Factor Authentication and assign users to specific drives, geo-fence and time fence where and when they can be used. Complete audit logs will show you who, when and where the drives were last accessed, giving you complete control and auditability. By using the speed and convenience of a smartphone, access logs will show the precise location of where the drive was last authenticated. If your managed SecureDrive goes missing or is stolen, you can be assured that the data is encrypted, but you have the added ability to lock it down with geo-fencing, change the PIN, or remotely wipe the drive. That’s the power of SecureDrive Remote Management. You are in total control.

Eliminate Security Policy Adoption Barriers

Security is only valuable and possible when it is used 100% of the time. We understand employee behavior and have designed our products so employees will embrace and use them. We make it easy to enforce. Our BT products can be conveniently authenticated using the latest features of a Smartphone or Smartwatch, enabling the convenience of biometrics. There’s no need to remember or write down passwords on a Sticky Note that can subvert your security policy. Plus, Remote Management puts you in total control by assigning users to specific devices, allowing remote unlock, password reset, and remote wipe. All from the convenience of a browser.

Secure Drives with no backdoors

Uncompromising Security — Absolutely No Backdoors

We manufacture our security products to meet the needs of institutions of all sizes including government, healthcare, law enforcement, military, education and enterprise. Good security prohibits the use of “backdoors” and we have designed our products to adhere and comply with the needs of the most discerning customers. Our Remote Management Console features Okta SSO and Active Directory support, protecting access to sensitive data on our devices to only those that need access.

Top rated secure encrypted usb drives

The Best in the Industry

We offer industry- leading parts and labor warranty that supports our SecureDrive and SecureUSB storage products. We include the accessories you need, right out of the box, to connect with Windows PC’s or Macs. We choose the highest quality SSD and HDDs, tested and verified in our lab. Our encrypted drives are manufactured using only the best components approved by Cybersecurity experts and backed by certifications from NIST. Quality subcomponents are an essential part of keeping your data safe. You can rely on SecureData to protect your data for years to come.

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