Antivirus powered by ESET

$8.50 Per Year

Keep your USB drives free of viruses with DriveSecurity.

  • Works with any USB Drive and Memory Card
  • Automatic Scanning and Virus Removal
  • Award Winning Protection
  • Easy to Use. No Host Installation Required
  • Encrypted Secure Drives Companion
  • Multi-Language Support

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DriveSecurity™ (by ClevX®) is a powerful antivirus tool that prevents malware from spreading through USB drives. Designed for users who transfer pictures, music, videos and other documents via USB drives, DriveSecurity ensures the files that you put on your drive are malware-free.

DriveSecurity eliminates all types of threats, including viruses, rootkits, worms and spyware from your USB drive. More importantly, it protects you from inadvertently spreading malware to your home or shared computers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I add Remote Management to a BT drive later?

Yes, the BT drive can be added to the DataLock® Remote Management console at any time. If your using the standard DataLock® app to unlock your device you will need to re-provision the drive via Admin app.

I am a personal user, is this product for organizations only?

There are no minimum user or device requirements. The subscription can be purchased starting at 1 drive or user.

How fast can I delete the data remotely?

Once the Admin enters the Data sanitize command the next time the device is attempted to authenticate the cryto-erase command will regenerate the encryption key within seconds.

How many users or drives can it support?

The DataLock® Remote Management can support an unlimited number of drives, users and admins.

Does anyone view the data on the drive?

No, since the communication is handled via Bluetooth the USB traffic is not monitored or saved.