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RAW Video Shuttling - The Secure Managed Data Transport

What Are Dailies?


The raw unedited footage captured at the end of a filming day is called “dailies.” Directors, producers, and other members of the film crew gather together each day to review the footage from the previous day. This footage is transferred on external hard drives or flash drives between employees in post-production, ADR, visual effects, CGI, musical scorers, and several other departments who enhance the final theater-quality piece.

How Dailies Are Shot?


In film making multiple parties are involved with video production. This includes CGI artists, sound effects, producers, visual effects artists and more. For example, once the visual effects are completed, they might send the video clips to the CGI or sound effects teams. There are times that the different production teams are not in the same state, or even the same country. This means footage is transferred across state lines or internationally.


Secure Your Post Production Video Footage


Transporting Dailies in the Movie Industry

In the movie-making industry, digital footage has taken the place of physical film. The digital footage goes from camera to screen through a few different steps:


  1. Cameras like Arri Alexa, Red Epic Dragon, and Panavision Genesis capture the digital film footage
  2. The raw footage is transported using external media
  3. Media travels to departments on set and off-site for editing, special effects, and music


Dailies are transported using couriers or production assistants. These people work behind the scenes transporting products from point A to point B by hand.


Secure Video Transport


Regular Media Storage Doesn’t Make the Cut


Ensuring the footage reaches the appropriate person in post-production is the key to successful film production. One slip during transportation can mean the end of the film before it even begins as a leak can happen. A footage leak can happen in multiple ways such as:


  • A courier or production assistant copies the footage of dailies during transport
  • The media is accidentally delivered to the wrong person
  • A courier or production assistant is paid by an outside competitor to obtain the footage from the inside
  • The Motion Picture Association of America sends the movie on DVD to Oscar and Golden Globe judges


In 2018, revenue lost through piracy was at $37.4 billion and is projected to reach $51.6 billion by 2022. The average length of time between a film’s release in the United States and the first appearance online is a mere 12 days. This not only affects the gross income for the film but affects the economy of the movie industry. In the United States, approximately 375,000 jobs are estimated to be lost every year due to Internet piracy..

Using insecure basic external devices puts your hours of hard work at risk. The only way to ensure complete security is to use a SecureDrive.


Secure Your Footage


The SecureDrive is the ideal external device for copying your media. The SecureDrives offer several features to makes dailies completely leak-proof:


  • Military Grade 256-bit AES XTS Hardware Encryption
  • FIPS 140-2 Level 3 Validation
  • An epoxy coating to prevent device separation or reverse engineering


SecureDrive KP Encrypted Drives – Unlock via On-Board Keypad


SecureDrive KP


The SecureDrive KP can prevent the dailies from being leaked to a third party by ensuring that only the professionals are given the code. The KP drive provides security with its many features:


  • Requires a unique PIN
  • Only those who are given the unique PIN can access the information
  • A wear-resistant keypad to prevent easy guessing of commonly-used numbers


SecureDrive BT Encrypted Drives – Unlock via Mobile App


SecureDrive BT


The SecureDrive BT is the best way to prevent leaks when footage travels overseas. Sometimes, editors and other production staff work on the film in another city or sometimes another country. The BT drive is ideal for shipping as it features:


  • Secure wireless authentication using an app from your mobile device
  • Geo and time fencing features to restrict access to certain places and times.


By using a SecureDrive, you can be sure that your cinematic masterpiece is only viewed in theaters.